Creative Control

Go All In - Get Custom Reels Produced Around YOU

  • Creative Control
  • $800
  • Customize Your Promotion
  • Two 60-second scripts written for you, allowing you to showcase your strengths
  • Scenes shot & edited with cutaways & multiple angles, creating a FILM - not just a monologue
  • Private video link provided for up to 4 reviews & revisions
  • Turnaround: 7 - 10 days, unless otherwise discussed
  • Professional equipment and expert crew hired to ensure top quality of finished product
  • Scenes filmed alongside a trained actor & with a veteran director
  • Up to 3 hours of rehearsal & shooting time per script
  • *More than two scripts, or combining custom scripts with previous filmwork encouraged, but price will be quoted on a case-by-case basis
  • Let's Go!
Brett B
"I want to thank you for the invaluable experience and service that you provided...the professionalism permeated in many ways on set including even making me more comfortable and confident in my work on the project. I am especially grateful to have this service to fill the gaps with my recorded work. I think this service is brilliant!"

  • Ready to blow casting directors away? Send them exactly what you want!
  • Creative Control is a great choice for both beginning and veteran actors. With our help, you choose your own scenes.
  • For beginners - little to no experience?  Use our service to get instant top-quality, custom footage that'll impress casting & get you on your way to building your resume!
  • For veterans - tired of being typecast?  Showcase your range with this chance to film the scenarios or characters you know you have the talent for, but never get sent out for!
  • Tailor your reel to Comedy or Drama - or choose one scene of each
  • Custom-written scenes will be filmed on location, on a professionally run independent film set
  • No scene readers here to drag you down - experienced actor always provided as your scene partner
  • Veteran director on set ensures top performance - with up to 2 hours per scene for rehearsal & redirects
  • Professional crew & equipment hired & rented to maximize the impact of your scenes
  • Specialized editing not only compiles the scenes, but edits them intentionally to feature you as the star
  • Basic color correcting & sound editing included
  • Private video review and notes when films are complete, with up to two revisions
  • Finished scenes will be the highest possible quality for YouTube or Vimeo
  • At an additional rate: Film as many custom scenes as you want, or combine your scenes with past filmwork to create your ideal reel!  Pricing can be quoted after discussion & review of what options are best for you!

Note About Creative Control Package

Currently we do our Creative Control scenes primarily in & around Kansas City, MO!  If you're local or within traveling distance & considering it, then we highly recommend it!  If you're LA or NY-based then feel free to shoot us a message via the contact form or info@breakthroughreels.com & we'll see if there's anything we can work out!

Before You Order...

We accept credit card payments for your convenience, through Square!  They're an industry leader in online payments, BUT FIRST...if you have any other questions about your films or our services before ordering, please use the CONTACT form, or write an email to info@breakthroughreels.com!  It's always easier to be certain everyone is on the same page before the transaction is complete!  We've tackled just about everything before, so just drop us a line & we can get it figured out.

Legal Stuff

(because we have to!)
By ‘submitting’ your material to Breakthrough Reels LLC ‘you’ HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that ‘you’ are either the 1.) Copyright Holder or 2.) have permission from the Copyright Holder; to transfer these intellectual properties to Breakthrough Reels LLC; for the purpose of creating a new Copyright-Protected media ‘reel’; which can then be ‘displayed’ under Copyright protection by both Breakthrough Reels LLC and ‘you’ the original Copyright Holder.